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“No Seat Belts No Chance!  Buckle Up Front & Back“

The NixCrew Story 
Nikheel Pala was a bright, energetic, eager and exciting young man who lived his life to the max. He had a passion for sports cars, not only did he love them, he lived for them!  He was self taught in modifying cars, purchasing performance parts, and installing them himself. He was well known as “Nix" to all of his friends and mates.
On the night of 26 September 2001, Nikheel was killed in a tragic car accident. The vehicle was driven by his friend, who at the time was celebrating his own 20th birthday. He was speeding and did not hold a valid drivers license. Nikheel was sitting in the front   passenger seat and was not wearing his Safety Belt. Nikheel (Nix) left behind his beloved mum, dad and sister. He is greatly missed by his family. Family and Friends and Sponsors teamed up to form NixCrew Charity Trust.
Who We Are
Nikheel gave rise to a new beginning and a greater purpose in life for those around him. The foundation of NixCrew is based on a dedicated group of teenagers, adults and sponsors who have made a commitment in educating our society towards Road Safety Awareness.
NixCrew is here to promote Legal Modification of Cars to ensure that Safety Belts are worn at all times by both Drivers and Passengers, encouraging people to be Driving Sober, Drug Free and Hold a Valid Drivers License .
NixCrew was launched on the night of 27 April 2002 at a farewell boat cruise, at downtown Auckland. Nikheel's enthusiasm for fast cars and the desire to help those around him led to some dedicated friends, celebrating his life and not making his death just another statistic.
The Boat Cruise led to an Organized Drag Race event held in Meremere in 2002, projected and organised by Team NixCrew in association with Champion Dragway,  magwarehouse, Performance Car Magazine,  St. John New Zealand & WinMac Computer Solution . Since 2002 NixCrew have organised many major Road Safety Events and the funds raised from these were donated to Yellow Ribbon (No longer in operation), Family & Parent Association, Salvation Army, D.A.R.E and other Community Charitable Organisations. The council's road safety coordinators have been working closely with NixCrew to help get our message across.  NixCrew have also been working with Schools throughout Auckland in promoting and passing “Road Safety "messages to the young and teenagers.

Nix (Nikheel Pala)

6/5/1982 – 26/9/2001
































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